Nina :

Jackson :

my story -
I spent my first 26 years in upstate new york, and the past 5 in Nashville, tennessee. I moved for a change of pace, and a chance at a creative career. in my 5 years in nashville i've fulfilled dreams, experienced life milestones, grown closer to God, got married, grew up a lot, and lived a lot more.
i've had a camera in my hand anytime i could since about 10th grade (which was a lonnnnng time ago). The jobs came and went, but the passion never wavered, which has led me to my now full-time career as a photographer... and what a blessing it is.

my vision -
whether it's a wedding, a photoshoot, or my film camera in hand while we're traveling... my eyes are always drawn to true emotion and capturing moments as they are. I want the art of it all to express itself in a way that someone can feel like they were there just looking at a photo. i'm most inspired by sunshine, the way light/shadows play, soft earth tones, as well as bold tones seen in editorial fashion magazines. bringing all these inspirations into telling stories for others is an honor, and one i don't hold lightly. I capture moments for others as if they were for myself, and I think that's always they key for me is to keep my focus on why I do what I do, more  

my story -
I was born and raised in the mountains of northern california, briefly lived in dallas tx and then landed in nashville in January 2020.
I spent 4 years working as an outside sales rep. As time went on I felt like God was pulling me to a life filled with creativity and purpose. In the beginning of 2020 I decided to risk it, move to Nashville and see if I could use my camera to make a living. I've always had creative outlets but it wasn't until a camera hit my hands that I felt fulfilled in my creativity. 

my vision -
video is a special way of viewing memories because it captures so much emotion and detail. a majority of people have never seen a professional video of themselves, and because of that i find it very special when i get to film someone whether it be a wedding, music video, gender reveal, proposal etc... i am inspired by documentary and cinematic film and finding ways to use light and camera angles to tell the story of the moment so that when watching it back later, you are pulled into that moment to relive it over and over again. 


as we are both individual humans and creatives, with our own stories and experiences... We also are married which brings a whole different dynamic to our work/life.

When we're not shooting weddings, we're at home with our dog, making meals, and editing more times than not. We love Jesus + our local church.
For fun we like to travel as much as we can, especially in our sprinter van. We go on walks/mtn. bike, try new restaurants, and spend time with our friends/family.

We love what we do, and are honored to be brought into so many intimate, and milestone moments in your lives, and want to make sure we all know we don't take it lightly. You bring so much love and light into our lives, creating and spending those moments with us...

love is beautiful, and it is so naturally in and of itself unique to every couple, every family, every individual.

we often feel our weddings/shoot styles vary on the love story we are capturing, but like to incorporate our signature style of looking for the little, candid moments, and the scene looking as it did when we captured it.

we'd call ourselves storytellers who like to tell the story truly how it was...